Frequently Asked Questions

Auction llc, the owner and the operator of oxn.am web-site, does not own the items offered on this web-site. We are an independent company offering online marketing and auctioning services, and the items offered on our web-site are either owned by or pledged to our clients.
"As is" denotes that the item is being sold in whatever condition it presently exists and the buyer shall accept the item "with all faults", whether or not immediately apparent, and without any warranty or guarantee of any type, expressed or implied. Any information contained in the item description is for convenience only. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to research, inspect and ascertain the condition of the item prior to placing any bid or otherwise agreeing to buy the item. "Where is" means that it is the buyer's responsibility to get the item from the location where it is at the time of sale to the location where the buyer wants it to be. The seller will bear no responsibility for packing, loading and shipping the item.
Once you place a bid, you legally commit yourself to buy the item at your wining bid amount in case you become the winner of the auction. If you decide not to buy the item, you will loose your security deposit.
While still in progress, all auctions in which you have had participated, can be viewed by choosing sub-menu item "Active auctions" of menu item “My bids”.  Your entire bidding history can be viewed by choosing sub-menu item "Bidding history".
It is possible only in an auction where automatic (so-called "proxy") bidding is allowed, if prior to receiving your bid we had received another bidder's bid for the same or a larger amount.
The system automatically generates a 4-digit pin code for you at the time of your registration, and you can always check it or change it by visiting your account profile page. The pin code is needed for confirming your bids. When you place a bid or choose the "buy now" option, the system will prompt you for your pin code.
A reserve price is a hidden minimum price set by the seller before the auction start time, at which the seller is willing to sell the item. If the reserve price is not met at the time when the auction ends, the seller will have 24 hours to decide if he wants to accept the highest bid.
The participation fee will become non-refundable once you place a bid.  The security deposit will become non-refundable only if you win in the auction and refuse to buy or pay for the relevant item.
Please check the biding history under the tab “Bidding History”, at the bottom of the item description page. Most likely someone has chosen the "buy now" option.  Note that if the "buy now" option is chosen, the auction end time will be set to 10 minutes.